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  • Low Start-Up
  • Instant Status As Compliant for Workers Comp
  • We Streamline And Cap Your Employee Costs
  • Easy & Simple Service 
  • You Maintain Managerial Control of Employees
  • You Benefit From Our "Employee Volume"
  • Your Company Listed As "Named Insured"
  • Same Day Insurance Certificate Requests

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Workers Comp

Eliminate surprises and never worry again about large lump sum payments  - either up-front or those end of the year balloon payments!

The Pay-As-You-Go Program eliminates large up-front deposits, “best guess” premiums, hassle-filled audits and the dreaded year-end payments.

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TPM has exciting Workers Comp and Liability Insurance programs for Brokers and Agents.

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TPM serves small and large businesses across the USA. 

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The advantage of outsourcing payroll, Workers Compensation claims, and liability responsibilities has afforded many businesses more time and energy to focus on what matters most in the business world: success and making a profit.

You never have to worry about paying penalties or interest due to a payroll or tax filing error. Our service is convenient, flexible—and above all, accurate. We guarantee it.

Employee Leasing
Our Employee Leasing Program develops a "co-employment" relationship. Your business holds the reigns over day to day business matters and you will have complete access to TPM's specialized expertise in handling employee administration.

This frees your business to concentrate solely on the profitable aspects of the business while TPM works to provide a sound foundation for your business to grow upon.

Certificates of insurance are required to do business in most states. The certificates provide verification of Workers' Compensation Insurance in order to engage in business. This protects your business  in the event of an on-the-job accident or injury. These certificates are provided free of charge and are provided normally within one business day.

Workers Comp Claims


Claims management and processing involves reporting, administering, medically managing, and closing Workers Compensation claims. This includes ensuring that consistent internal policies and medical referral procedures are in place. Also, the implementation of a return-to-work program is critical to provide employees with an opportunity to begin working on a modified schedule until they can return to their regular jobs.  

You will have access to TPM's risk specialists to assist in managing your Workers Compensation claims. TPM handles all the paperwork required to properly document claims. You will benefit from our years of experience managing    Workers Compensation claims and will experience  lower related costs through effective claims management and processing.

We help you minimize employee risks, improve safety awareness, and reduce your Workers Compensation Insurance rates.  TPM allows you freedom to concentrate on generating business. This freedom empowers you to work on more profit oriented tasks. 

TPM uses a cutting-edge process to calculate Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance that includes job classifications, claims records and other factors, calculating them with each payroll. The program is 1-2-3 simple.  After plugging your employees into the system:

 Workers Compensation expert

Easy Workers CompYou look back each week to see who in your company  worked.

Easy Workers CompDocument the classification code they worked under.

Easy Workers CompReport the hours they worked. It's that simple!

There are no surprises and you won't have any audit or large lump sum payments either up-front or at the end of the year! The Pay-As-You-Go Program eliminates those large up-front deposits, “best guess” premiums, hassle-filled audits and the dreaded year-end payments.

  • TPM will manage the calculation and payment of premiums for your Workers Compensation and General Liability responsibilities in a bundled payroll program.
  • Premiums are calculated and deducted from each payroll,  just like payroll taxes based upon actual payroll.
  • Our cutting edge system provides custom solutions for each state and classification code. 

We bundle both your Workers Compensation and optional Liability Insurance needs into this program.  We can prepare a custom quote for your company. Get a quote today!

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